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  • Kim Sloan President

    Kim Sloan's son has played during the regular seasons as well as on AOFF's travel teams.  Kim has a background in finances and is an integral part of all facets of the league. 

  • John Calvillo Vice-President

  • Nathan Munson Registrar

    Nathan Munson is a father of three with a background in professional football.  He moved to Bakersfield, CA from San Jose, CA to play for the Bakersfield Blitz.  Then, chose to anchor himself in Kern County. 

  • Jodi Buford Secretary

  • Jodi Buford Treasurer

    Jodi Buford's son has played with the league since the start.  She is well versed in non-profit organizations and comes with a background in professional sports marketing. 

  • Ethan Adame Director of Coaching

    Ethan Adame has helped coach our coaches as well as our Travel Teams for a few years now! 

  • Ritchie Buford Board Member

    Ritchie Buford's son has been with the league since the start.  He comes with a 15 years of leadership in the field of maintenance. 

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All Out Flag Football is owned and operated by Nathan Munson, known by his players as Coach Munson and by his league’s parents as Nate. A father of three and former professional football player for the Bakersfield Blitz, he pairs a nurturing teaching style with excellent knowledge of the sport. The majority of our league’s coaches are either fathers, mothers or former football players. We share a commitment to excellence in providing paid referees so that our participants, both boys and girls, receive a fair and honest judgement of the game. We offer a Competitive Division for beginners, as well as an Elite Division for our more skilled players.  We cater to the ages of 5 through 14. 

At All Out we focus on four things:

1. Having fun! Every professional player in the NFL started playing as youths for the simple love of the game. Players will have the opportunity to learn and enhcance their football fundamentals, develop new friendships, and engage in healthy competition. 

2. Equal Opportunity for all. We believe every child has a right to play the game of football.  Our program is for everyone, regardless of race, gender, religion, or skill level.  Everyone has the opportunity to play for an All Out NFL team. 

3. Safety first. With the number of youth concussions in tackle football rising every year, we believe that safety must always come first.  Every player gets the enjoyment of playing football in an organized, team enviroment, with safety benefits of participating in a non-contact sport; that's the best of both worlds! Head coaches and trained officials will be present at all games to enforce safe play.          

4. Life lessons. Helping children develop character is as important to us as learning football fundamentals. The lessons each player will learn include teamwork, fair play, and good sportsmanship.  These are lessons everyone can take with them for life.

Contact Us

League/Football Inquiries   Nate Munson   661-565-0743 

 Marketing/ PR Inquiries   Jodi Buford   661-889-7463





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